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A PC & PS4 Destiny clan that has grown into a thriving gaming community. We are always looking to bring in new members who are good people, share our passion for gaming, and have an eagerness to improve.


RISE was formed in February of 2016 and has since conquered every enemy of the darkness, lackluster DLC offering, and questionable PVP meta the game has thrown at us. Our group is constantly evolving but our core values of being efficient, respectful, and engaged have not. If you are passionate about the game, the community it has created, and are active, then you will likely find a good home with us.

We are currently 80 guardians strong with most playing many times a week if not daily. With the implementation of cross-save into the game, a majority of the clan has migrated over to PC as the main platform of play, however we do still have a group on PS4. Among our current members, we have a variety of PVE and PVP players with many achieving titles across various disciplines. We have plenty of day one raid clears, Legend Competitive players, and global triumph score leaders. We like to have fun but value success and will knuckle down when the need arises.

Discord is a MUST if you wish to join as we coordinate all events, talk throughout the day, and generally just hangout and get to know each other. As stated, we are a close-knit group and Discord facilitates those interactions.

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